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Assign briefing items to a Print Magazine or Leaflet
Assign briefing items to a Print Magazine or Leaflet

How to assign briefing items to your pages

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Select your publication and click on the state 'Assign'. Here you will find the page(s) or spreads that are in the 'Assign' state.

Select a page or spread in the list and then click on the 'plus' button 

Now the assign briefing items screen opens. Here you can select products from the briefing to the page or spread. You can use the filter option and you can set the visible columns as you wish. (Filter options can be set by Relayter for each client).

If you are done with assigning you can click on 'Apply selection'.

Then click on 'Apply' to store the assigned products on the page or spread.

Now you can set the page or spread to layout by clicking on the button 'To Layout'.

If a page or spread is missing, it is not in the assign state, but probably in lay-out, design or review. If you would still want to add or change products to these pages, you need to set them back to the 'Assign' state.

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