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Generate InDesign Files

How to generate an InDesign file for your DTP and design users.

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When you are finished filling your page layout (assign & arrange), you can generate an InDesign file. Relayter will then create an InDesign file with all product data, such as images, price and description set in the layout as previously defined by you or your colleagues.

Click on 'To Design'.

Relayter will start generating an Indesign file with a separate links (images) folder and the used Indesign Library is also included. 

Please be patient, it could take a while before the files are ready to download, but you can generate multiple pages at the same time.

The generated pages of the publication will automatically move to the stage 'Design'.
In the publication the overview thumbnails will appear with examples of the pages which have been generated. You can check this in the stage "Design" in the scroll bar on the bottom.

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