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Download & upload files

How to download and upload InDesign, Link or PDF files.

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In the print publication click on the tab "Files".

Press 'Download Files'.

Select your preferred file type you want to download. 

  • InDesign Package: A work folder to start or continue design work on this page which includes: the generated InDesign file with all product content, a PDF of your page, all images in a seperate Links folder and the used Indesign Library.

  • INDD/IDML Package: A IDML-file of your InDesign file.

  • Link Package: A separate folder with only the images related to this page.

  • PDF Package: A PDF of your InDesign file.

Then click Next.

Select the page(s)/spread(s) you want to download and then click Download.

After clicking the download button, a notification will popup at the top right of the screen when your download is ready.

In order to upload InDesign or PDF files, please press 'Upload files'. Remember that you do not have to upload your Links folder, as images are already stored within the Relayter database. It is advised to always create a new PDF preview from your InDesign file and submit it with your upload. This will help colleagues to quickly review your work.

Drag your InDesign (IDML) and PDF files or choose a file. Be aware that uploading a PDF file is mandatory to ensure that we can give everyone a preview of your work.

Finally, press 'Upload'.

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