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Workflow steps & modules
Workflow steps & modules

An explanation of the basic workflow options

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Within a Publication workflow, you can use and combine different modules. This means you can decide what can be done in each step and by what role (user permissions). You can enable multiple modules per workflow step and give them a logical name. The modules can be opened with the tabbar underneath your workflow when you select a step. In this example: Preview / List / Files

Here we show some of the basic modules that you can configure within a step:

  1. Add items

  2. Assign data to items

  3. Layout

  4. Design

  5. Review & Proofing

  6. Overview

For all modules and options, please contact your customer success manager. There is a large range of configurations we can set up for your specific custom scenario.

Module 1: Add pages

In this stage you add pages to your publication. You can choose between a single page or a spread. Once you're done the pages are automatically placed into the step 'Assign'.

Module 2: Assign

In this stage you assign briefing items to your publication pages. Once you're done you can move the page(s) to 'Layout'.

Module 3: Layout

In this stage you arrange briefing items to your publication pages. Once you're done you may press 'To Design'. The layout stage will move forward to the next phase: 'To Design'. You also can go back to 'Back to Assign' if you want to assign more briefing items to the page(s).

Module 4: Design

In this stage DTP users will design pages and set sticky notes to done. Once the design is completed, press 'To Review'. A project manager is going to review it.
You also can go 'Back to Layout' to change the lay-out.

Module 5: Preview / Review

When the first design is completed a project manager is going to check the pages. You can click anywhere on the image to add sticky notes and you may rearrange
the layout as well. Once you're done (and a least 1 sticky note is left),
press 'Back to Design'. 

Module 6: Overview

There are no sticky notes left. This means the page (publication items) are ready for print. That is why in this example we named the final step "Print".

In the overview module there's the possibility to download all 'publication items' that are in this step. This can be InDesign files, PDF's, images or a combined PDF with all pages (publication items) in one file.

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