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Proofing with Notes

How to add, watch, accept or reject (sticky) notes.

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If you have a Review & Proofing module enabled in a workflow, you will be able to use (sticky) notes to annotate on publication items (page/poster/banner) and proof with your colleagues, agency or other project members.

How to create a note

To create a note, you can click anywhere on your publication item (page/poster/banner) that is currently selected. A white 'note' icon pops up and the sidebar will open with details and options.

Write down your annotations and press the 'Save' button. The note icon changes to a yellow color and your annotation is saved.

The Sidebar

As you might have noticed, the sidebar will automatically show once you create a note. The sidebar holds multiple functions; it can be toggled between detailed information about your publication item or your notes view.

Note Statuses

A note can have different statuses. This way you can keep track of what has been done. A note might be ready for your designer to process, or it could already have been reviewed by the marketing manager. Each note status will be displayed with a different color, this gives you a quick view of what is going on:

If you do not yet know all the colors. Hovering over a note icon in the sidebar will also show you what status it has:

Show / Hide / Highlight Notes

Sometimes it can be handy to hide your notes. Or maybe you want a better view of them in contrast to your artwork. This can be done with the (Sticky) Note View toggle. You can find this toggle button on the left side of your publication item.

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