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How to create a personalised Print Template

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Navigate to 'Templates' --> 'Print Magazine'. Then press 'Add Template'.

The Print template editor is now active.
In the first tab you can give up the template name, choose your Master Page and if you want it visible as background, the Indesign Library and the Format Ruleset.

Note: the default Format Ruleset which is standard in Relayter will set the Indesign items from the library to a default place in Indesign. If you need a different Format Ruleset then we are happy to help you with that. Please contact

In the second tab you will find the settings of the Masterpage that you have selected.
These are not editable.

If you have not selected a Masterpage then the size settings are editable.
In the second tab you can give up the following settings:

  1. Type: Single page or spread.

  2. Width and height of the page(s).

  3. Page margin. All sides the same margin or different margins.

In the third tab you can add separate blocks or multiple blocks (grid) to the template.
Click on the 'Plus' button to add a block(s).

Take a look at the 'Content Block Editor'. 

  1. To add a content block, first fill in the 'X' and 'Y' coordinates in millimeters.

  2. Specify your content block 'Width and 'Height' in millimeters. If you have multiple content blocks, use the complete width and height excluding the page margin. 

  3. Define the amount of 'Rows' (horizontal) and 'Columns' (vertical).

  4. Use 'Gutter' in order to specify the number of millimeters space between the content blocks.

  5. Click on the 'Close' button to save the settings and then on the 'Plus' button again if you want to add more block(s).

To create an equal right sided content block, use the page width from the left page and add up for example 10 millimeters. 

For example 210 mm + 10 mm white space = 220 mm

When you are done click on 'Save'.

After saving it will be added to the general template page.

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