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Add or download an InDesign Library
Add or download an InDesign Library

How to add or download your branded InDesign Libraries in Relayter

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Navigate to 'Templates' --> 'InDesign Libraries'. Click on 'Add InDesign library'.

Create an 'InDesign Library name' and drag and drop your INDL file.

Relayter will automatically check if the selected InDesign Library meets all technical requirements. When the library is ok you can click on 'Save'.

The InDesign Library is now visible in the overview.

To see which InDesign Library items are used, click on the InDesign Library.

Now you can see the InDesign Library items.

To download an InDesign Library click on the download button and the download starts.

To delete an InDesign Library click on the delete button and the InDesign Library will be deleted if it is not in use.

If the InDesign Library is in use you get a warning that it can not be deleted.

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