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Re-arrange pages and/or spreads

How to re-arrange pages and/or spreads in a print publication

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You can also change the order of the pages and/or spreads.
Click on the 'Overview Pages' button in the top left corner of a publication.

Now the overview of page(s) and spreads shows of the publication.

If you want to change the order of a page and/or spread you can click on the
're-arrange' button of that page or spread. On the right-side a 'Move items' table appears.

In that table you can choose the following options:

  1. Shows the page or spread you want to change

  2. Choose the position where you want to change the page or spread to

  3. Here you choose if you want the page or spread to insert before, after or swap

Then you can click on 'Confirm' to save the re-arrange action

NOTE: changing pages/spreads will have no effect on the design. If you have for example page numbers, the DTP will have to adjust them manually in the Indesign file if there has been a design round by DTP.

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