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Add a product with images

Add a product with images manually

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If you want to add a product with product-images manually, then follow the next steps.

First go to 'Assets', 'Images' and then click on 'Add images'

Then drag your images or choose image-file(s) from your computer.
Images should have a name or EAN code in the file name so that you can find them.
Select the image or select all images if you are uploading more product images.

Set the preferred channels: POS, Print magazine, Web or all channels.
According to where the image can be used for.

Set the image type: product, general or logo. And then click on 'Add'.

Now the product-images are in Relayter and you can link the images to a product(s) in the next steps.

Now go to 'Assets', 'Products' and then click on 'Add product'

In the tab 'Product information' you can fill in the datafields with information like: Name, Description, EAN etc.

In the tab 'Images' you click on 'Link image'.

Search your product-image(s) that you want to link to this product on name, EAN etc.
And then click on the plus icon to link the product-image(s) to this product.
If you have multiple images for this product you can also link these and set one of the images to 'Primary'.

Then click on 'Save'.

Now there is a product in Relayter with the corresponding images.

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