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Import campaign briefing data

How to make an import of campaign briefing data by a CSV

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Before you can upload your briefing make sure that it has an unique identifier for all the briefing rules in the CSV. This is obligated in Relayter and is also used in order to upload the briefing again with changes in it if you want.

Note: There also needs to be a data-field and a field in the briefing data form that you must use to map the unique identifier to. Name that for example: briefing rule identifier.

In the campaign click on 'Briefing'.

Then click on 'Import briefing'.

Drag and drop the briefing CSV or choose the file from your computer.

Choose the column from your briefing with the 'unique identifier' in it. And map it to the field 'Briefing rule identifier'. Note: that field must be made in advance as a data-field and a field in the briefing form.

Columns from the CSV which are also in the data-fields (which have the same name) are mapped automatically to the correct fields.

Columns from the CSV which don't have a data-field with the same name can be mapped to the field that you want. Or you can skip them and then the information will not be in the briefing.
Then click on 'Upload'.

Now the briefing items of your CSV are in Relayter.

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