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Package rule setup

How to setup a rule(s) for your package for POS material and or WEB material

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Click on the package for which you want to make a rule(s).

Click on 'Add package rule'.

Give up the name of the rule that you want to make. For example A4 poster. Then click 'Next'.

In the tab 'Conditions' you can set up the conditions for the rule. Click on 'Add condition'.

Now you can set the conditions. Choose the field from your datafields, set the type and give up the value.

For example for an A4 poster you can set the field template.type then choose equals and then give up the template type name of the A4 poster as it is named in your templates for POS: a4.

Then click 'Next'.

Finally you can fill in the material datafields that you have made earlier in the package setup. You can fill in a fixed value if you want and/or leave the field(s) blank if the user needs to fill in the value later. They can also fill it in or change it in the campaign in which it is used.

Note: if you have also setup briefing datafields they will also show here.

Click on 'Save'.

Now the package rule is stored in the package. And you can make another one for that same package if you want.

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