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Usage of the package in a campaign
Usage of the package in a campaign

How to use the package(s) in a campaign

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To use a package(s) in a campaign go to the tab 'Packages' and click on it.

Click on 'Add' and then select 'Add packages'.

Now you see the package(s) you have made in the package setup and you can select the package(s) you want to use in the campaign. After you have selected the package(s) click on 'Save'.

Now you see the selected pakage(s) in the campaign and the package is filled with the datafields and Design files according to the package settings.

To see and/or edit the package datafields and see the items which are in the package, click on the package.

Now you see the datafields and Design files that are in the package due to the package rule(s) that are set in the package rule setup.

If you have datafields that you want to fill in and/or change then click on 'Lock/unlock' button.

Now you can fill in and/or change the datafields.

NOTE: changing the datafields in the package of a campaign will not change the datafields in the base package in the package setup or in the briefing. Only in the campaign itself where you use it.

Fill in and/or change the datafields you want and confirm them with the check mark.

After you have finished you can lock the datafields again.

Now you can export the package data by clicking on 'Export package data'.

Choose the package that you want to have: Full package (XML and Design files).

Or only Data XML or Design material only. Then click on 'Export'.

If the Package export is ready you can click on the download button.

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